Almost every gym is equipped with stair steppers. However, people often ignore them. If you’re someone who has overlooked stair steppers, then it’s time you changed your tune. The many stair steppers benefits makes it a worthy piece of equipment. In fact, you can get in an incredible workout if you give it a chance.

Summary of Stair Steppers: Understanding How it Works

Before you can understand the stair steppers benefits, you should understand how the machine works. It provides you with the tools that you need to tone your lower body, get your core stronger, and burn some serious calories. And it all comes down to how the machine works and the features.


A stair climber is like a small escalator. It has stairs that revolve. As a result, you have a never-ending staircase to climb. The machine is equipped with handrails, which keep you from flying off. Hold on to the rails for support and start climbing. Unlike real stairs, stair steppers don’t require you to climb back down.

Often, stair steppes have a computer that tracks a user’s process. You can get detailed information about your workout. On some machines, you might be able to adjust the speed or resistance of the stairs. They are typically very simple to use. You don’t need to worry about dealing with complicated gadgets or settings.

The Many Stair Steppers Benefits

There are many stair steppers benefits. Although it is great for cardio, it also builds strength. Unlike many other workouts, the stairs machine doesn’t kill your joints. You get a great workout that does it all. Find out more detail about the benefits of stair steppers:

1. Build up muscle on your lower body

Stair steppers don’t only improve your cardio. They also provide you with an intense lower-body workout. As you climb, you work your glutes, calves, quads, and hamstrings. It’s a complete lower-body workout. Over time, you build muscle in your lower-body.

Of course, building muscle isn’t easy. You need to perform the exercise properly. Be sure to keep your back upright and keep your core tight. Doing so ensures that you completely engage your legs and glutes.

You should also pay attention to how your foot hits the step. If you put more weight on your heels, your glutes and hamstrings do more work. However, using the ball of your foot uses your glutes and thighs. To work the back of your legs, you can skip steps. Change it up to work the muscles that you want to strengthen.

As long as you perform the exercise right and stick with the routine, you will have muscles in new places. You can strengthen your body while you get a cardio workout.

2. It’s great for weight loss

Losing weight is easy with stair steppers. If you want to lose weight, then you need to burn calories. These machines burn more calories than many of the alternatives. This is because they burn the most active muscles in your body. Your core, glutes, quads, and hamstrings all require large quantities of energy to work. Therefore, using them in your workout burns extra calories.

In addition to the calories you burn from using your lower-body, you also burn calories by getting a cardio workout. The combination is a key to weight loss. As you burn calories, you can drop pounds.

If you want to lose weight even quicker, you can try your own workout. Interval training promotes quick weight loss. You can create your own HIIT workout for the stair steppers. The workout increases the amount of oxygen that goes to your muscles (the ones in use). After you’re done exercising, you continue to burn calories. You can look online for HIIT stair climber workouts or be creative and create your own.

3. You Get a Low-Impact Workout

If you have an injury, then you might be limited in how you can exercise. Many workouts damage your joints and require good health. For example, people with a bad back should not use a treadmill. Because there is less impact with a stair stepper, you can use it when you have an injury. In fact, it could help you recover. Often, people with back issues get relief from stair climbers. By using your glutes on the machine, you take pressure off of your back. As you do so, your back pain disappears.

If you have bad joints, the stair climber is also a good option. It requires less of a jarring impact than running. However, it still provides you with an effective workout. You can save your joints and still stay in shape.

The fact that stair steppers provide you with a low-impact workout also mean that they can prevent injury. Running regularly on a treadmill has a price. That price comes in the form of knee pain. However, stair steppers don’t cause as much strain on your joints. They can also build up certain muscles that take strain off of other areas, like your back.

4. Get Better Posture

If you want better posture, then you should try a stair stepper. One of the stair steppers benefits that you should know about is getting better posture. Most people tend to lean forward when they climb regular stairs. This is poor posture. However, stair steppers remedy this. They encourage you walk with better posture.

As you use the stair steppers, you engage your core. This is what helps your posture. While you exercise, you need to be aware of your form. You need to stand tall and have a light grip on the handle. Eventually, that form will become second nature. You won’t need to think about standing tall. When you leave the gym, you will continue to have good form.

5. Keep Things Exciting

Your workouts get boring after awhile. One of the benefits of stair steppers is the ability to change up your workouts. Instead of running on the treadmill all day, you can try something new. This makes your workouts more fun. Additionally, it makes you more likely to stick with your routine. When you look forward to your workout, you are less likely to skip it.

Pros and Cons

The pros of stair steppers greatly outweigh the cons. Here is an overview:


  • Great workout
  • Build strength
  • Change up Your routine


  • Need space for the machine
  • Can be expensive


Best Suited For

Stair steppers are best suited for individuals in need of a low-impact workout. They are appropriate for people of all ages and fitness levels.


A stair stepper could be just what you need to ramp up your workout. You might fall in love with the workout and the results.

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