Who Should Buy the Weider Ultimate Body Gym?


  1. People who want a low impact workout
  2. Cost-conscious shoppers
  3. Men and women  who want a full body workout
  4. Those who live in apartments and small spaces.

Buy Weider Ultimate Body Works

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What Type of Exercises Can You Do With This Home Gym?


  1. Users of the Weider gym have access to about 50 amazing exercises that work the entire body, including the legs, chest, arms, and other areas of the body.
  2. Exercise options include the Butterfly, One-Leg Squat, Side Pull and the Toe Raise.
  3. Resistance bands allow easy adjustment of the resistance (up to 50-lbs.) with the machine.


Joe Weider, the ‘king’ of bodybuilding, created the Weider Ultimate Body Works as the complete home gym for those entering the bodybuilding industry or those who want to improve their health and physique. The gym is versatile, with equipment targeting all of the body’s major muscle groups.


Choose from simple, quick, easy exercises or strengthen your entire body with the more compound exercises. Whether you want to burn calories, improve muscle tone, or simply feel better about yourself, this gym is the perfect companion to your home.




  • Easy-to-assemble
  • Cheaper than other home gyms
  • Sturdy, durable design
  • Includes a workout guide with 5000+ exercise combinations
  • Easy storage



  • Limited 90-day warranty

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What’s the Weider Home Gym All About?


The Weider home gym measures 71”L x 26.5”W x 49.5”. It is lightweight at just 70 pounds and easily folds for easy storage underneath the bed or  inside of the closet. It is perfect for small spaces but also suitable for larger homes. It is an affordable home gym at a price of $200 or under, depending on any special offers or deals that you find. That is only a fraction of the cost of other home gyms or a membership at the local gym. The machine sets up in a short time  and since it is constructed from tube steel, offers the durability and strength that users want and need.


Weight Capacity


The gym can hold up to 250-pounds of weight so it is suitable for most users. Both men and women use the machine, though it is more popular with male users. Although the machine isn’t designed to handle the needs of the most serious bodybuilders, it works wonderfully for most people who want to get in shape, build muscle, and look great.


A Great Workout


The Weider Ultimate Body Works includes a cable and pulley system that allow the glideboard to glide along the steel tubing, giving the user full range of motion to complete the exercises they choose. Choose from seven incline positions when you want more resistant and a harder workout. It is easy to get a little workout or a workout that has pushed you to the extremes using this machine. This machine is a perfect machine for everyday use and is definitely the only piece of equipment you’ll need (with the exception of free weights if you are bodybuilding.)


Who is the Weider Ultimate Body Works Best For?


The Weider Ultimate Body Works has been a success since its initial release. The hundreds of satisfied customer reviews and testimonials found online confirm the satisfaction of most users. But, exactly who should purchase the Weider Ultimate Body Works gym? Is this purchase worth your money?


The truth is, the Weider Ultimate is the perfect machine for just about anyone looking for an all-in-one, high-quality gym. Although it isn’t recommended for the serious of bodybuilders since it won’t help you build those larger than life muscles, for most everyone else, the machine works exceptionally well and exceeds expectations. The Weider gym is a basic home gym that doesn’t look as if it is going to offer much in the way of a great workout, but looks can be deceiving, especially in the case of this gym. Users have access to more than 50 great exercises they can perform to take their workout to the next level.


If you want to improve your level of fitness, build muscle, or improve your health, the Weider Ultimate Body Works is a machine worth considering. It can help you get the workout that you want and need whenever you are ready for the task. It is by far one of the best home workout machines around for most every user.


Great for Newbies


Newcomers purchasing a home gym for the first time will love every quality the Weider machine brings into their life. Some machines aren’t newbie-friendly but this machine works wonderfully for newcomers and those who’ve been working out for some time already. The exercise chart is really helpful for newbies. There are so many exercises to hoose from it is always easy to ensure that total body workout. It is lightweight, has 360-degree motion, and  is an all-n-one machine that prevents confusion.


Total Body Gym or Weider Ultimate Body Works?


Each machine has its perks and while the Total Body Gym handles a higher weight capacity and smoother operation, the considerable price difference causes many people to take a step back. The Weider Ultimate Body Works machine provides nearly as good quality at a fraction of the cost. It offers tons of advantages the Total Body Gym doesn’t’ It is the perfect option for any cost-conscious shopper. Sure, the machine is basic and lacks some of the bells and whistles as its competitor, but most users don’t mind.


The Bottom Line


For men who want to shed those unwanted pounds, build lean muscles, tone their body and feel better than ever before, the Weider home gym is an affordable product that deserves a spot in your home. It is versatile so you always get the workout that you want and need. Hundreds of customer reviews back the greatness of this machine. It is sure to impress you as well as it has so many others. If you’re serious about getting in shape, this is a great machine to own.

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