All You Need to Know About Treadmill Lubrication

Being equipment for physical exercise, the treadmill allows a person to climb, walk as well as run while remaining in a stationary position. While using this equipment, the user has to run or walk on a moving belt which is connected to a high power motor. Due to the high moving speed of the tread belt, the friction arises between the motor and the tread belt. With an aim to lessen this friction, the treadmill lubricant comes into existence.


Although most of the today’s premium lubricants are advertised as maintenance free equipment, lubrication of the same not only enhances the life period of the machine but also provides the consumers with a smooth user experience. It prevents damage to the several internal parts of the equipment. Today, we are going to gather a brief knowledge about lubrication, its necessity, benefits, as well as all everything else you need to know.


Is it Important to Lubricate a Treadmill?

Though huge friction is generated due to the high moving speed of the tread belt which is connected to the motor, reducing the amount of friction is necessary to avoid any kind of damage. For this reason, avoiding lubrication of the treadmill will surely not be a wise decision.


Which Components are Most Vulnerable to Damage?

You may observe unexpected damage to the following components due to excessive friction:


  • Deck & belt: Increased friction may result in the damage to the tread belt and deck too. Remember that repairing this may cost you up to $500.
  • Front and rear roller: The moving speed of the treadmill belt may be reduced due to the damage caused to both the front and rear rollers which cost almost $150 separately.
  • Drive motor: Sometimes the motor of the treadmill gets severely damaged, as it is forced to work more for the increased friction.
  • Primary circuit board: Being the most important and costly part of the entire equipment, the primary circuit board is vulnerable to damage because of unnatural movement of the treadmill belt.
  • Internal electrical components: Due to high power flow that moves the tread belt at its normal speed, sensitive electrical components may get damaged in some situations.


Why Does Treadmill Require Regularly Lubrication?

The main reasons behind regular lubrication of the treadmill are as follows:

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  • Lubrication enhances the lifetime of the tread belt, which is more economical than purchasing a new tread belt.
  • Storing a treadmill for a long time requires the application of lubricant; otherwise, malfunction of the equipment is very likely to occur.
  • Apart from extending the life of the equipment, reduction of electricity consumption can be done by applying lubricant to the treadmill.


Which Lubricant Needs to Be Applied?

Though one should choose the lubricant according to the specification of the machine, we are going to suggest the most common & effective lubricants here.


Paraffin may be considered as the most common lubricant which is being used for a long time period. However, in the recent days, silicone comes as the most used substance for the lubrication of the treadmill.


Being synthetic substance, 100% silicone is compatible with most of the equipment related to physical exercise. It’s usually available in two different forms: liquid and spray. Contacting the manufacturer is highly recommended before applying the lubricant as the wrong application may completely deteriorate the performance of the machine.


How Often Lubrication of the Treadmill Needs to Be Done?

The frequency of the lubrication solely depends on the usage as well as specification of the equipment. The treadmills which are of low budget require frequent lubricant, after every 3 to 4 months. If you are residing in a warm place, then you should lubricate the machine frequently as a significant percentage of the oil gets evaporated due to high temperature.


How to Know That a Treadmill Requires Lubrication?

It’s simple. You have to touch the deck by removing the walking belt and feel the presence of the oily substances on the surface of the deck. If you feel that the left amount of lubricant is significantly lower than the previous application then you should lubricate the equipment before future usage.


Nowadays, most of the premium treadmills are fitted with an odometer or timer which tracks the usage of the equipment and notify the user to lubricate after a specific time interval.


How to Lubricate the Treadmill As a Professional?

Lubricating the treadmill is not at all a tough task to perform. Though this process slightly varies from model to model, here we are going to elaborate a generalized procedure to help you in this regard. Just follow the few simple steps which are mentioned sequentially below:


  • As the initial step, you need to remove the tread belt from the deck.
  • Now, it’s time to apply the silicone spray to the center area of the tread belt.
  • Repeat the above-mentioned process till the lubricant gets almost evenly distributed.
  • Application of almost 1oz of silicone lubricant is required for a working treadmill.
  • After applying lubricant, make sure to put the tread belt on the deck in the proper manner.
  • To evenly distribute the lubricant, you should power on the treadmill and run the equipment at 3 mph for about 3 minutes.


Negative Effects of Over-Lubrication

Though the lubrication procedure is beneficial for the treadmill, over lubrication may cause the certain problems:


  • The excess amount of lubricant present on the deck may be flung out due to the high-speed movement of the tread belt. This will make the surrounding walls, carpet as well as other substances dirty enough.
  • Because of over lubrication, the excess lubricant may enter into the main compartment of the machine and thus damage the motor and PCB of the equipment as well.


Post lubrication actions need to be taken


As the walking belt may absorb a certain amount of lubricant applied on the deck, it is recommended to check the amount of lubricant present on the deck after 3 days of lubricant application. In case of high absorption by the walking belt, multiple application of lubricant is required.


As you can see, it’s very important to lubricate your treadmill every so often. Be sure not to over lubricate it, though. That will harm your equipment instead of making it better. Some treadmill maintenance kits come with lubrication included. Make use of it!

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