Substitute for Eggs in Waffles

Eggs are used to bake almost everything, especially for breakfast. As a staple ingredient, it is hard to make many of these foods – like waffles – without using eggs, but there are other options for eggs available. Although eggs require alternatives in general, we will be focusing on what is the best substitute for eggs in waffles for this article.

Purpose of Eggs in Baking WafflesReplacing Eggs for Waffles


Eggs are an essential component of baking waffles and are used in baking to do a number of things.

ential component of baking waffles and are used in baking to do a number of things. Substituting eggs in baking is essential because eggs perform some of the basic things we need them to during cooking, such as binding, leavening, and moisturizing.

Eggs act as a binding agent for the ingredients you are baking, holding them together. Eggs do this quickly and well, making them one of the most common ingredients for binding.

You also need your baked goods to leaven or rise, and eggs work great for ensuring this process. The last thing you require is a moisturizer, ensuring that your product is soft and light. Milk is also sometimes used, but eggs are great for this.



Cooking EgglessWhen looking for egg alternatives, you will have to try to ensure they have all the properties of baking that we are looking for. They will need to help bind, leaven, and moisten what you are baking.

There are a number of different options that you can choose depending on what you want. Ultimately, some are cheaper, some are healthier, and some are easier to use.


Egg replacers are some of the most common and accessible options because they are so readily available. They are typically made of potato, tapioca starch, and a variety of other leavening agents.

Because of what they are made of they are often vegan and gluten-free, making them great alternatives for people avoiding eggs because of their diet. The good thing about egg replacers is that they don’t affect taste, so your waffles will still taste as they should.


Flaxseed is a great egg replacement because it also has various health benefits of its own. It is high in omega-3 fatty acids and fiber, making it a good source of both of these. It is also a great option because it has strong binding properties and will offer good health benefits.

Flaxseed goes bad quickly and needs to be stored in the fridge if you would like to keep it longer.


If you’re looking for a different option than eggs, you may want to consider using fruit. Both banana and applesauce make for alternatives. Banana does have a strong taste, and this can impact the results.


If you like something tasteless you may want to try something else, such as an egg replacer. Applesauce has less taste, especially unsweetened versions. They are both healthy replacements for eggs and will give vegans a natural, healthy alternative to eggs.

How to Decide on an Egg Replacement

Like many other types of foods, waffles can have a variety of egg substitutes. If you are out of eggs or are looking for a Egg Substitute For Wafflesconvenient option, you can try an egg replacer. This will work just as good as eggs and will be less expensive and very easy to apply.

If you like a more natural alternative to eggs, you will want to try flaxseed, banana, or applesauce. These are healthy replacements for eggs in waffles that will work well for vegans and those who are avoiding eggs.

For waffles, flavour is key, so it may help to consider using something other than bananas. Essentially any replacement will work good for waffles, but you’ll need to consider how you want your waffles to turn out. Try a different substitute for eggs in waffles to find what works best!

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