Schwinn 830 Treadmill Review

Are you checking out the market for a treadmill that is running with today’s technology? The Schwinn 830 is just what you’re looking for! Track your progress, set goals and utilise software applications to keep motivated. Work towards a healthier lifestyle  with impressive health benefits in the comfort of your own home. Find out exactly how you’ll benefit from this product by reading this review!

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The Product

The Schwinn 830 is available to purchase on Amazon today at an affordable price with the added benefit of free shipping! There’s no need to neglect your body, you can get in shape by working out at home! Schedule your workout to fit around your busy lifestyle, whether it’s as soon as you wake up or late at night, you can still stay healthy!


You don’t need to worry about how much floor space your treadmill will take up if you purchase the Schwinn 830. The clever design allows you to complete your workout and fold it away with no hassle, freeing your floor space up again! This treadmill has many great feature that we’re certain you’ll love! Read on to find out what you’ll get for your money!


The Key Features

We understand that you want to know exactly what you’re spending your money on. We’ve gathered together all of the relevant information about the Schwinn 830 to ensure you’re well informed before making your decision.


Excellent Technology

You’ll be able to set goals and stay on track to achieving them with the Goal Track capability. In addition to setting your goals you can achieve them using the 22 preset programs iincluded with this treadmill. These programs include;

  • Manuak
  • Quick goal
  • Train
  • Weight control
  • Heart health
  • Interval
  • Custom Workouts

The Schwinn 830 is also compatible with software applications to keep you on track. These applications include:

  • UnderArmor
  • Googlefit
  • Apple Health
  • Map My Run
  • Endomundo
  • MyFitnessPal

As you can see the Schwinn 830 treadmill is fully equipped to help you reach your goals and stay fit and healthy,


Quality Motor

This product has a high quality motor making it a treadmill you can rely on! Its 2.75 continuous horsepower motor keeps up with your workout.



Enjoy a smooth and comfortable run with the 4 cell SofTrak deck cushioning system. This system eases the stress applied to your joints when running, allowing you to exercise for longer and recover quickly between each session.


You can choose the pace you’re comfortable running or walking at with a range of 0-12 MPH, you can change your pace quickly and at ease to suit your level of fitness. Keep cool using the 3 speed adjustable fan and hydrated using the water bottle holder, allowing you to stay comfortable and motivated to continue your workout.



There’s no need to threat about how big treadmills are, this product is designed to be stored away at ease. How? The schwinn 830 treadmill has a softdrop deck folding system which allows you to easily move or store you treadmill without straining your body and causing injury.


LCD Screen

The blue backlit LCD screen is high resolution and offers great visibility. You can easy keep track of your program and progress.



The Schwinn 830 has added extras to keep you interested! Benefit from a media shelf and MP3 input so you can listen to your favorite workout music to keep you motivated through the in-console speakers included! Maybe you want to watch your favorite show on your tablet or read to take your mind off your workout and speed up time, In addition to these features you’ve got a USB port to built into the treadmill so you don’t lose battery life mid-workout!


Let’s get specific…

We want to ensure you’ve got all the information you need before committing to your purchase so here are some specifics to clarify whether the Schwinn 830 is for you!

  • Dimensions – 78” x 30” x 13”
  • Motorized incline – 0-12%
  • Running path – 20” W x 55” L
  • Heart rate – contact
  • Belt – 1 ply, 1.5mm thickness
  • Weight – 200 pounds
  • Shipping weight – 223 pounds


So, What are the Positives?

We don’t need to tell you twice after reading all of the great features this treadmill has that you’re on to a winner. By making your purchase today you’re on the road to a healthier and happier body and you won’t look back!


Schwinn design their products to fit your individual needs, enabling you to pick what type of workout you want with comfort and safety. You can guarantee you’re making a great investment when purchasing a product from this established and trustworthy brand. If you want quality then you’re in the right place!


By purchasing a treadmill you’re allowing yourself to exercise in your own space, in your own time without any pressure of others around you. It’s the perfect solution for those who don’t feel comfortable at a gym or equally find it hard to find time to attend the gym! Use the huge variety of programs and apps available to you to make the most of your treadmill and hit the targets you’re aiming for!


If you want hard evidence that this treadmill is worth the money then follow the link at the bottom of the page to check out what customers have to say. You’ll find there are many positive reviews for this treadmill. One customer stated ‘For the price, this treadmill is excellent’ and another stating ‘Awesome machine, pretty easy to assemble’.


What are the Negatives?

It’s safe to say no machine is perfect and there can unfortunately be technical issues occur at times. Some customers reported they found the machine would shut down on them which of course, isn’t ideal. We must emphasise that if any issues arise that you can call customer support and they can be rectified and parts can be replaced.


Pros and Cons

To help you review everything we’ve comprised a pros and cons list, we hope this is an easy way to help you weigh up your options!



  • Free shipping
  • SofTrak cushioning
  • Motorized incline
  • Goal track capability
  • Compatible software applications
  • 22 programs
  • Backlit LCD display screen
  • MP3 port
  • In-console speakers
  • USB charging port
  • Adjustable fan and bottle holder
  • Media shelf
  • SoftDrop


  • Some have stated the machine shut down on them
  • Large product


As you can see the pros far weigh out the cons, however the decision is yours! Is the Schwinn 830 treadmill best suited for you?

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The Bottom Line

We highly recommend the Schwinn 830 treadmill due to its reliability, usability and trusted brand name. Schwinn is a well established company who started in the 1895 as a bicycle company, as soon as Schwinn started up they had more success than any other bicycle companies around at that time. Schwinn fitness has shifted to become successful in selling a range of cardio equipment that has been designed to relate to the current trends.We’re sure that you want to know you’re investing your money correctly so why not check out Schwinn fitness for yourself to add some extra reassurance.


If you invest into this treadmill you can save a monthly gym fee and won’t have to put pressure on yourself to attend the gym to ensure you get your money’s worth. Having a treadmill at home will allow you to exercise as and when you want to. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a spare room for a ‘home gym’ as the Schwinn 830 can easily fold away leaving your room clear and back to normal after each workout.


We highly encourage you to take steps into a healthier and happier lifestyle. Not only is exercise physically good for you, you’ll feel good to with the amount of endorphins you release. You can use the different apps and programs to figure out what type of workout suits you best and set goals achieve to keep you motivated to continue to workout. We encourage change, the same workout every day can be boring and cause you to stop. By using all the tools available to you, you can achieve great things!


It’s fair to say not all customers have been happy with their purchase but the issues reported can be fixed. It’s clear that more customers were happy with this product than those who weren’t. If you want to see this for yourself then follow the link below to find the customer reviews for this product. Maybe you’ve made your decision and you want to go ahead and make your purchase, you can do this in just a few clicks! Time to hit those targets!


We hope this review has helped you in making your decision,/ If you’re purchasing the Schwinn 830, let others know what you think by having your say once you receive your treadmill!


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