ProForm 7.0 RE Elliptical Trainer Review

Stylish, durable and versatile, the ProForm 7.0 re Elliptical machine may be the only piece of workout equipment that you need at your home gym. The machine’s great versatility allows users the chance to explore and enjoy more than 50 different amazing exercise combinations. Plus, it is easy to change the resistance on the bands, increasing or decreasing your workout instantly.  


There are 14 resistance levels to choose from on the ProForm 7.0. It is easy to push yourself to the next level when using the machine and sometimes, that is exactly what you need to reach your goals. Not only does the ProForm 7.0 offer a full-body workout, the machine is lightweight and easy to move from one location to another with assistance of the front-mounted wheels. Put this machine anywhere in the home!


What is the ProForm 7.0


ProForm is a trusted name in the fitness industry. In fact, they’re ranked the number one fitness brand out there today. Thousands of people purchase this brand of equipment and are pleased with the money they’ve spent and the results they get shortly after they begin their workout ventures.


Choosing a ProForm product is a good idea for anyone who demands a quality product that offers long-lasting value and amazing pricing. Both men and women use the ProForm 7.0 elliptical machine and report that it exceeds their every expectation.


It is comfortable, can be placed on most any surface, and ensures that you get the workout that you need to be at your best. Although this is only one of the many products the company offers, it is one that many choose to add to their home gym.


A Superb Piece of Workout Equipment


No matter your age or your fitness agenda, ProForm has you covered when it is an amazing piece of equipment that you want in your home. The company uses the latest technologies when designing all of their equipment, further ensuring that users get a product that excels their expectations and workout goals.


ProForm is an ICON brand, a company that also created NordicTrack and many other top brands. The company has served the needs of fitness enthusiasts since 1977. There is little doubt that the Pro 7.0 Elliptical will impress your standards.


ProForm 7.0 RE Elliptical Features


The ProForm 7.0 re Elliptical machine is an entry-level product, but don’t assume that it lacks the features that you want. The black/gray design is simple, yet stylish, instantly warming any home gym without overwhelming the area. The great look is just the start of the machine’s amazing features, which include:


  • Inertia Flywheel
  • 14-Pre-Programmed Workouts
  • Oversized, cushioned foot pedals
  • Adjustable leveling feet keeps the machine in place, even if the surface is uneven
  • iPod compatible
  • Built-in Acoustics 2.0 Sound System with two speakers
  • Built-in grip handle heart rate monitor


Weighing the Matter


The ProForm 7.0 re Elliptical machine has a 250-pound weight limit. Compatible elliptical machine models have the same weight limit, although some of the higher-end models offer higher weight limits. Nonetheless, for those in the 250-lb. And underrange, the machine offers innovative performance that gives you an awesome workout that keeps you toned and feeling and looking great. limits.


Assembling the ProForm 7.0


Although the manufacturer promises assembly in half-hour or less, most users find that it is far more difficult than anticipated. Read over the instruction manual included with the machine and keep it nearby once assembly begins. Gather all of the tools and supplies that you need to put the machine together before you begin.


This will save a lot of time and hassle!  Ensure there is a second person available to help during the machine assembly. It will speed the process and minimize some of the frustrations. The average user spends approximately 2 to 2.5-hours assembling their machines. Although a sometimes frustrating assembly process, the machine is well-worth the extra work once the final product is in place and in use.


Who Should use the ProForm 7.0?


Is the 7.0 machine right for you? Like any other piece of exercise equipment, this one is not suitable for all users. Fortunately most people will find that it suits their needs perfectly, providing an affordable machine that keeps them feeling their best. The Proform 7.0 features an 18” stride that isn’t suitable for tall people.


Only users 5’9” tall and under should use this machine as the stride isn’t long enough for people who are taller. People who are shorter than 5’6” should also continue their search for an elliptical machine. The Proform 7.0 re Elliptical machine provides fast results for users who want a great workout, whether they’re toning their body, building muscle, or simply desire improved cardio health.


It isn’t recommended for heavy users or those who are training. The 7.0 is an entry-level machine and the more serious enthusiast should spend a bit more money on a different machine that has more capabilities.




A good display on the elliptical machine further enhances your workout, even providing some inspiration to continue pushing forward  in your workout endeavors when the results are so clearly in front of your eyes. The display on this elliptical machine isn’t disappointing and helps you get the information that you want, when you want it.


The ProForm 7.0 re Elliptical machine has a 7” blue LCD display that is easy to read, even in low lighting situations. The display simultaneously displays heart rate, calories burnt, speed, resistant level and distance. The resistance levels are changed via the display with the use of two buttons on the side of the unit.



ProForm 7.0 users can choose from 14 different programs when using this machine. Seven of the programs are designed for weight loss and seven designed for cardio. Thanks to the versatility of the programs, users always get the workout they want without the need for other equipment. The machine automatically adjusts the resistance based upon the program that you’ve selected, which is undoubtedly one of the best features! Simply set up the iPod app and you can easily use any of the programs.



Never purchase a piece of workout equipment for your home gym that lacks the inclusion of a warranty. When there is a warranty included with the purchase, it adds a level of assurance in the money that you’re spending for the machine that you’d otherwise be without. Each machine model and brand includes a warranty of different lengths.


Nonetheless, this is worry-free protection that you need when spending hundreds of dollars on workout equipment. The 7.0 re Elliptical machine includes the standard ProForm warranty. This warranty includes a five-year frame guarantee and a 90-day parts and labor guarantee. Many elliptical machines include better warranties, though at the price, it is still a fair warranty when compared to other brands and models.


Ease of Use

No matter where you are at on your fitness agenda, this machine will help you succeed as you reach your goals and push yourself to the next level with each workout. It is easy to tone up and define your muscles when using the machine, whether you’re just starting out on your fitness quest or have been at it for some time.  It is simple to use so even beginners can easily start working out once the machine is put together and in place.


It is a great machine for well-experienced fitness enthusiasts as well. The heart rate straps fit securely into place and while some users report inaccuracy in the heart rate reading, most people find this no concern. The foot straps are comfortable and with a height adjustment feature, it is easy for multiple users to enjoy the benefits this machine brings their way.



Budget-conscious shoppers find the price of the ProForm 7.0 quite appealing. Although rates vary according to purchase location, special sales, discounts, etc. users are pleased with the low cost they get for a machine bearing the ProForm name. Most users are initially attracted to the machine due to its low price. Once they learn just how awesome of a workout they’ll get with the machine, users know they’ve found a worthwhile workout machine. Just compare your buying options to find the best rates and deals for this machine.



  • Large blue LCD 7” monitor
  • Lightweight, compact size
  • Quiet operation
  • Music port
  • Drink holder


  • Difficult assembly
  • EKG/Heart rate monitor inaccuracies




ProForm is a name that exercise enthusiasts trust to provide them with quality products at a great price. This elliptical machine lives up to the standards that people have come to enjoy from the brand over the years.


The 7.0 RE Elliptical is a great addition to many home gyms and is suitable for most users. If living an active, fit lifestyle without those daily or weekly trips to the gym is desirable, perhaps it is time to consider adding this machine to your home gym.


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