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Our Look at the Metamucil Weight Loss Plan by Dr. Oz

Dr. Oz is one of the many proponents of Metamucil for weight loss. The main reasoning behind this is that Metamucil, which is high in Psyllium fiber, helps to reduce hunger and make you feel full. These fibers are proven to absorb water and make you feel full, helping you eat less.

This can greatly impact your body weight and aid your weight loss. As a great source of this fiber, Dr. Oz thinks Metamucil thirty minutes before any meal will greatly affect weight loss and body management.

Metamucil and Weight Loss

The main ingredient in Metamucil is a natural, soluble fiber known as Psyllium husk. In the stomach, it absorbs liquid and swells, which makes you feel fuller and less hungry. It is suggested that you take a dose of Metamucil thirty minutes before your meals to make you feel full and eat less.

Metamucil meets the criteria to be considered gluten free but may contain trace elements. If you are extremely sensitive to gluten or allergic, you may want to avoid it.


The theory of fiber supporting weight loss is not a revelation and is supported by Dr. Oz. There are two reasons that fiber is good for combating weight loss; it slows digestion and has no calories. Anything you eat is therefore not contributing to your weight gain, so it has no adverse effects in terms of weight.


It also slows your digestion, which makes you feel fuller and as if you need to eat less. This will generally make you feel more full and eat less regularly so that you do not overeat.

Metamucil is even on the list of Dr. Oz’s tips for non-dietary weight loss.

Dr. Oz Suggests Metamucil for Weight Loss
Dr. Oz recommends Metamucil because it contains fibers that should help you feel full and less hungry. Ultimately, he endorses the practice of using fibers as a weight loss solution, and endorses Metamucil for its quality effects. He suggested adding soluble fibers to your diet to support weight loss and lower your cholesterol.

Dr. Oz Diet


In a list of six tricks for weight loss, Dr. Oz listed taking Metamucil before every meal as weight loss trick number five. This is a method that doesn’t require a diet, which is great for lots of people to help with weight loss without sacrificing what they love to eat. It has the potential to aid everyone with weight loss regardless of their body type, exercise level, and diet.

It has the potential to aid everyone with weight loss regardless of their body type, exercise level, and diet.

Dr. Oz specifical recommends a 7-gram dose of Metamucil per day, split up over three meals and consumed with 8 ounces of water.

If you split this up over your three meals and have it before each meal, he says it will make you feel less hungry and fill you with non-fatty foods. This will stop you from overeating without contributing more negative products to your body.

Dr. Oz’s Metamucil Recipes

Some natural ingredients that he included were barley, oatmeal, kidney beans, pinto beans, and apples. He also suggested a number other Metamucil recipes that incorporate these types of ingredients with the Metamucil to help as well.

Try the Metamucil recipes Dr. Oz suggests, including Metamucil Muffins, Fiber Popsicles, and Metamucil Citrus Spritzer. If you want to look at any of these recipes and make them for yourself, you can go to the recipe page.

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