Oatmeal is a common meal for most people because it provides us with a lot of health benefits with no potential side effects. Oatmeal is rich in B vitamins, which should help with acid reflux and heartburn. People who complain from oatmeal related heartburn will find this post great for dispelling this myth.

Oatmeal: The Heart Healthy Meal

Oatmeal is naturally built to reduce things like heartburn as it is a non-acidic food and does not incite acid reflux or stomach issues. Ideally, it should keep your stomach calm and ensure you do not experience stomach pain or irritation.

Still, some people have said they experience heartburn from oatmeal. Ultimately, we find that oatmeal has no real properties that would make it bad for heartburn, and we believe that in most cases there are other sources that are causing heartburn.

Although it is possible that you are sensitive and oatmeal is affecting your heartburn, we advise considering other things you are consuming with or around the same time as oatmeal that may be causing your heartburn.


If you are allergic or sensitive to gluten, try a gluten-free oatmeal alternative. Ensure that you use unsweetened oats that are rich in vitamins.

Instead of cooking with dairy, cook your oatmeal using water, almond milk, or soy milk to help with stomach issues. If there is too much sugar, this may also be impacting your heartburn.

Making sure that your oatmeal is not too thick should also help with heartburn as this can irritate the esophagus. Trying to avoid these things will potentially reduce heartburn and point to causes of heartburn other than your actual oatmeal.


Many of the adverse effects of oatmeal on heartburn are not actually caused by the oatmeal, but what you may be consuming with oatmeal. Avoid acidic foods like orange juice, coffee, or tea first thing in the morning.

Since we typically eat oatmeal with breakfast, it’s no surprise that people think oatmeal is causing heartburn throughout the day. However, it is more likely that other things you are consuming in the morning are leading to heartburn, and not oatmeal.


Don’t eat too fast either, since this can cause indigestion and can cause heartburn. In most cases, oatmeal is not the actual cause of heartburn. If you evaluate what else you are consuming with oatmeal and other factors, you will most likely find a different source of your heartburn.

Oatmeal should work against heartburn and not cause this, so ensure you are not taking something that will affect heartburn.

The Oatmeal Heartburn Myth

In general, oatmeal has properties that reduce heartburn. Ensuring you consume these regularly and in the morning should help reduce the risk of heartburn throughout the day. You should have fewer problems with heartburn if you eat oatmeal for breakfast as it is a non-acidic food.

Therefore, although some people do have a sensitivity to oatmeal and it can cause heartburn, in most cases, heartburn will be due to other things you are consuming and not oatmeal.

Consider what other types of foods you consume during that time and what else could be leading to your heartburn.