If you’re thinking of buying in-home fitness equipment, think further than a treadmill or standard weight machine.

A stationary bike can allow you to stay fit regardless of the weather, without spending boring hours on a treadmill.

Even if you aren’t well-acquainted with the world of stationary bikes, a bit of research online can help you pinpoint the perfect bike for your home gym. Reviews are the best place to start — and we can help with this review of the Nautilus U616 Upright Bike.

We’ll work through the pros and cons of this bike, so that you can be well-informed when you make your final stationary bike decision.

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The Nautilus U616 is a modern piece of gym equipment, complete with bluetooth capability and compatible with a number of fitness apps. This isn’t the stationary bike that your parents or grandparents used — this is a 21st century bike that’s decked out with the latest technology.


The Nautilus U616 comes with all of the technology you need for a modern workout experience.

The bike is equipped with bluetooth capability, which allows you to sync with a number of workout apps such as Nautilus Trainer 2 and RideSocial. With this capability, you can keep on track with your fitness goals and in touch with your fitness buddies — increasing your chances of using the bike regularly and accomplishing your targets.

The Nautilus U616 also has LCD displays so you can view your current workouts. You can also track your process through the bike’s contact and telemetry heart rate monitors.

The bike has a media tray where you can place your tablet or phone — this feature can be used to load inspirational workout videos, entertaining videos and websites, or even a video chat to keep on track with your workout buddies in real time.

Your videos will be easy to follow along with even if your phone or tablet has low-quality speakers, because the Nautilus U616 comes with built-in speakers of its own. The USB charging ports on the bike will eliminate any worry that your device will lose charge, so you can keep working out for longer. And, you can keep the workout going even on hot days or in stuffy apartments, with the Nautilus U616’s built-in three-speed fan.

Built-in Programs

The Nautilus U616 comes with not only accessory technology, but with a number of built-in workout programs as well.

This bike features 29 different programs — 12 profile, nine heart rate control, four custom, two fitness test, one recovery test, and one quick start. With this variety of workouts, you’ll be able to switch up your routine regularly and keep building your fitness.

For both program and non-program workouts, the Nautilus U616 also has 25 different levels of resistance, so you can continually challenge yourself and build your strength and stamina.

Even the bike’s ride is carefully designed, with a high-speed and high-inertia drive system and perimeter-weighted flywheel. Together, these features will give you a consistently smooth ride and simple start-up at the beginning of every workout.

Comfort and Usability

To accommodate a range of body types and riding styles, the Nautilus U616 is adjustable in two primary places.

The seat itself can move up and down, to better fit your leg length and preferred riding angle. Although adjustable for a wide range of leg lengths, the manufacturer advises that the bike was designed to accommodate a minimum height of five feet. The seat can not be adjusted forward and backward.

The angle of the handlebars can also be adjusted, to provide maximum comfort to your wrists and arms as you work out.

In addition to the moveable angle, the handlebars are also designed to be fairly long, so that you can keep your arms higher or lower to best accommodate your riding technique.

Regardless of wear you position the seat, you’ll have a contoured and padded place to sit, so that you can work out for long periods without any unnecessary discomfort. You’ll also be able to use the bike’s built-in clips to increase your leverage on the pedals, although of course you can opt not to strap your feet in.

Specifications and Warranty

When shipped, the Nautilus U616 weighs a total of about 76 pounds. It can be shipped within the United States and to a select few additional countries.

Nautilus makes a number of upright bikes, and the U616 model falls in the middle of these. You can purchase the U614 model, with fewer features, for about $300. You can also purchase the U618 model, with additional features, for about $608. Both of the other models can also be purchased with expert assembly for an additional $93.35.

In addition, the Nautilus U616 comes with a warranty. The manufacturer advises that this warranty lasts for 10 years on the bike’s frame, 3 years on the bike’s parts, 1 year on its electronics, and 90 days on labor.

What Other People are Saying

People who previously purchased the U616 have mostly positive reviews. A number reported that the bike is quiet and works well, without any real surprises about the bike’s quality or design.

There are a few drawbacks to the bike, as mentioned in reviews. The bike was not designed for anyone weighing more than 300 pounds, one purchaser reported, which is not well-advertised in the description of the bike. This may make the bike dangerous to use for those who weigh more than 300 pounds.

For those who are on the shorter side, one purchaser said that the bike seat sits fairly far back from the handlebars, which may make it uncomfortable or inconvenient for some.

In addition, purchasers reported that, while the bike itself is quiet, the attached fan can be loud. The including speakers are also reported to be of only moderate quality, which is unsurprising considering they are built into the bike itself.

If you’re considering purchasing a Nautilus bike as-is, without expert help with assembly, one purchaser said they assembled the bike themselves in about an hour and a half, with the help of YouTube assembly videos. Depending on your confidence in your ability to correctly construct the bike, these online tutorials could help save you some money.

Overall, previous purchasers seemed satisfied with the Nautilus U616, happy with the price point, and unsurprised by its features and shortcomings.


  • Well-priced in comparison to other stationary bikes, at $449
  • Includes a fan, built-in speakers, LCD displays, and a USB charging port
  • Bluetooth connectivity allows the bike to connect to apps
  • Media shelf can help you stay entertained during your workout
  • Includes a variety of programs and workout settings
  • Adjustable seat height and handlebar angle
  • Contoured seat
  • Expert assembly for an additional fee
  • Bike is quiet while operating
  • Includes factory warranty


  • Seat can not be moved forward or backward
  • Bike can not accommodate people weighing more than 300 pounds
  • Bike can not accommodate people with heights under 5 feet
  • Built-in speakers are of low to moderate quality
  • Built-in fan can be loud
  • Assembling bike without expert help may be time consuming

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Overall, the Nautilus U616 is a mid-range stationary bike with modern technology features, a few adjustable settings, and sturdy operation.

Most purchasers reported that the bike was just about what they expected when they bought the bike.

That price point will get you a number of technology features — including bluetooth connectivity to sync with apps, LCD displays, built-in speakers, a USB charging port, and 29 different workout programs. The U616 also comes with an adjustable height seat and adjustable angle handlebars, and is designed to run smoothly and quietly.

The U616 also comes with a warranty which holds for 10 years on the frame, 3 years on the parts, 1 year on the electronics, and 90 days on the labor.

However, the bike can not accommodate individuals who weigh more than 300 pounds or stand shorter than 5 feet.

The U616’s speakers are also reported to be of low to average quality, and assembly without expert help may be time consuming.

The Nautilus U616 is sturdy and reliable, and includes enough features to make working out both convenient and entertaining. A few of the added features — most notably, the speakers — are of noticeably lower quality than a top-notch stationary bike, which allows the U616 to have a more reasonable price point.

If you’re looking for a reasonably priced and reliable addition to your home gym, then the Nautilus U616 is certainly a good option for you.

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