Nautilus E614 Elliptical Review

Want to work on your cardio? Ellipticals are the perfect gym equipment to help you build your cardio strength and burn those calories! The elliptical machines are a great way to work on your whole body and is easy on your joints, making it the perfect workout addition for your workout regime!

Nautilus E614 Elliptical

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We understand it can be difficult to commit to a gym membership when you have a busy lifestyle, which is why we feel it’s important these kind of products are available to encourage you stay healthy. It may be that you don’t want to commit to a monthly payment and purchasing gym equipment will work out cheaper in the long run. What ever your reason we have the perfect piece of equipment to add to your home for an affordable price.


The Product

The Nautilus E614 Elliptical machine is available on Amazon now, if you’re a Prime member you’ll also benefit from free shipping! Nautilus is a reputable manufacturer specializing in modern commercial gym equipment. They aim to promote healthy living to suit everyone’s lifestyles by ensuring easy access to high quality gym equipment. If you purchase this product expect a comfortable and effective workout to help you stay active.




The Nautilus E614 benefits from a dual track two LCD window system, this allows you to track your workout easily even if one window is covered! This means you’ll be able to read or watch your tablet using the console as a shelf, but still keep on track to reaching your goals with NautilusConnect goal tracking and data export. It really is the perfect way to ensure you’re sticking to your regime! You’ll find this console has a USB port which you can use to exchange your data to NatuilusConnect ensuring you’re staying up to date in an easy and practical way. There are 22 programs available, these include 9 profile, 8 heart rate controlled, 2 user profiles, 2 fitness test and quick start.



The Nautilus E614 is designed to deliver comfort whilst you workout. The foot plates are large with cushioning and the manual ramp has the option of 6 different positions. There is a 20″ stride making it a comfortable ride for most. This elliptical is designed to allow you to change direction smoothly and enables you to use a combination of your legs and arms to get a full workout if you wish.


Internal Specifications

There is 20 resistance levels allowing you to adjust to your personal goals and physical needs, you may wish to use a whole variety throughout your workout! The high-speed, high-inertia weighted flywheel gives you a smooth and peaceful workout, no need for distractions from annoying sounds coming from your gym equipment!




Those added extras are always the best part to any purchase, you don’t necessarily need them but they’re awesome to have! You’ll be able to workout to your favorite music with the in-console speakers and MP3 input port. If you’d rather catch up on your favorite shows there is a media shelf and USB port to charge your tablet whilst you’re watching it! Everyone knows that a good workout really gets you sweating, to help make you more comfortable the Nautilus E614 has an adjustable fan to keep you cool enough to continue working out. You’ll be able to monitor your heart rate using the contact heart rate monitoring which is built into the handlebars.



The Nautilus E614 is much the same as the ellipticals you’ll find in a gym. It isn’t designed to go with your home decor, but what gym equipment is? We usually find customers searching for these products have a set space in mind to store them. This Elliptical is gray with dimensions of 50 x 34 x 22 inches.



Below we have summarized the pros and cons of the Nautilus E614 Elliptical to enable you to view a snapshot of your potential purchase.



  • Workout in the comfort of your home
  • 20 resistance levels
  • 22 programs
  • Available on Prime
  • Comfortable
  • Nautilus Connect goal tracking to keep you motivated
  • High quality machine
  • Heart rate monitoring
  • Workout a combination of your legs and arms



  • Design may not be to everyone’s taste
  • Assembly required
  • Takes up a fair amount of space

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What are the Negatives?

We can’t fault this machine, however the one negative we can suggest is that the design may not be everyone’s taste. When purchasing gym equipment many machines look very similar so this doesn’t appear to be a major issue. There has been issues reported with problems in regards to small damages on arrival. This is not a regular occurence, but can be solved by replacement parts being provided quickly. If you had any issues with your product there is customer support available who would be happy to resolve this with you.


There really are few negatives to this product in comparison to the benefits as you can see by our pros and cons list. Although we understand this machine may not be everyone’s choice to use for working out, this is more personal preference rather than a reflection on this product. Another potential negative is that the machine can take up a fair amount of space. It’s important to check the measurements prior to purchase to ensure where you plan to place the elliptical is suitable. This piece of equipment is similar to what you will find at a gym, you may want to place it in your basement or some where that you’ve got plenty of open space so that it doesn’t get in your way on a day to day basis.


Why Purchase the Nautilus E614 Elliptical?

The Nautilus E614 has great customer reviews which you can check out yourself if you need further reassurance you’re making the right purchase! You’ll find many customers found it easy to assemble and a worthwhile purchase for their workout regime. One reviewer stated ‘Super quality and some of the best assembly instructions i’ve received, ever, for a product this size’. There have been many reviewers who have stated that an extra pair of hands are needed to assemble the product. They reported that they could lift the contents of the package but needed an extra person for assembly.


NautilusConnect Will Help you Achieve Your Goals!

The Nautilus E614 Elliptical is designed to encourage you to push for your goals. With the NautilusConnect allows you to upload, analyze and track your workout data. This way you’ll be able to keep on top of your workout metrics and hit the goals. You’ll also be able to share them with your family and friends! A great way to keep everyone in shape and motivated to strive for that healthy lifestyle. You can find NautilusConnect online where you create your account, there is a user guide available to ensure you’re clear on how to use it.


Nautilus as a Manufacturer

The manufacturer are very reputable and aim to encourage healthy lifestyles, which many have reported is the case after seeing the results from using this machine. One customer stated ‘it has really changed both my wife and I lifestyles’. Many customers have reported they’re happy with both the shipping time and communication in regards to their order. If you do decide to purchase this product you have the option to add a 3 or 4 year protection plan for an added cost.



The Bottom Line

We highly recommend this elliptical due to it’s affordable price and high quality materials. The machine is designed to be durable and will be a long standing piece of equipment in your home. With the smart design of this elliptical you’ll enjoy a comfortable workout without the costs of a gym membership. Of course you may not want to take our word for it with this being such a large purchase, go ahead and do your research, we’re certain you won’t be disappointed. You can find the link to the product at the end of this article, take a look at the customer reviews to reassure you that you’re making the right choice in purchasing this product!


Has this article got you motivated to get in shape? Take your steps to a healthier lifestyle now, you won’t look back! Click on the link below to purchase your Nautilus E614 Elliptical and receive it fast and free!

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