Keiser M3 Plus Review

Not all people want basic stationary bikes. But when speaking about spinning cycles, there’s good, there’s better and then is Keiser. The Keiser is a highly regarded brand that has gained a reputation for cutting-edge equipment in the field of indoor cycling. To realize why they’re so honored, check out Keiser M3 Plus and everything will be clear to you.

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Keiser M3 Plus is the result of extensive development and research that had lasted something over 10 years. Merely calling it a good indoor cycling bike would sound like an underestimation. That is because this flagship bike is completely superior to other models of its kind.


If you wanna find out what makes this high-quality indoor cycle so special, check out the review below.



To begin with, let’s have a look at the key features.


Magnetic Resistance Technology


Keiser M3 Plus is an advanced indoor cycling bike that boasts revolutionary magnetic technology. This is something that’s extremely rare when it comes to indoor cycling bikes. It sets the M3 pretty apart from the rest. The system with no touching parts ensures minimal wear and tear of the parts. This is why this product doesn’t need replacements repeatedly like most other exercise bikes. In the long run, that will save you lots of money.


Eddy current system provides a nearly realistic motion to challenge users as they progress through various workout levels. Magnetic resistance is in sync with the drive belt so that operational noise is very quiet. Whisper quiet operation allows you to use this machine in your house without disturbing your family and neighbors.


24 Gears


With 24-gear magnetic resistance, you can rest assured that every workout will be challenging. That will strain just about part of your body. This offers a great range of exercise intensities. If you are one of those people wanting to lose weight using an exercise bike, you’ll rarely see models with such exceptional resistance levels. You can choose to either cruise at a moderate pace or push yourself to your limit.


There is a handy lever which controls all of these gears. It is located on the main frame of the bike beneath the handles. That allows for easy access. Just lay your hands on this lever and select the resistance level that best suits your needs.




It seems that Keiser’s team of engineers has stripped away all the components that aren’t really necessary. They have left one of the most user-friendly, high-tech exercise indoor bikes you can buy.


The minimalist yet very strong design of this machine provides a smooth ride. Moreover, it is designed to stand the test of time. Aside from the revolutionary magnetic resistance system, the design highlights include handlebar adjustment, backlit computer display, and near-silent drive belt. One thing should be noted though. Because of the angled stem frame, you’ll be extending the length of the whole bike when raising the length of the handlebars. This will be a serious problem for tall guys and petite women.


A stunning visual appeal is something that will feast your eyes on this model. The bike looks rather impressive on the face of it. Sleek design comes from the brushed aluminum finish as well as smooth silver lines that sport a nice black trim.




At the first glance, you will surely get the impression it is constructed from a single block of aluminum. Extremely sturdy, stable, nearly bulletproof. Simply put, this machine is built to last. Every component is constructed to last for a long time.


The brushed aluminum textures just add to its endurance and appeal. The main frame is made using aluminum and heavy-duty steel. So, it is a little wonder that the bike is highly durable, rigid, and sturdy.


Please note that this product includes transport wheels as well as a water bottle holder.


Comfortable Seat


The extremely wide seat caters for any body shape. It’s padded with soft foam to give extra comfort whilst you are exercising. Even better, the seat is fully adjustable fore and aft as well as up and down. That means you will enjoy four-way seat position while exercising. Speaking of adjustability, note that Combo pedals are adjustable, too.


Computer Display


On the console, there is a backlit computer display which provides valuable data. They include resistance level, rotations per minute (RPM), calorie burn, heart rate (connect the machine to a monitor to see it), power output, workout time length, and travel distance.


The computer display has passed the EN ISO 20957-1 Accuracy Test and it has the certification for this. Just to inform the readers, the indoor exercise bikes are required to steadily achieve a high level of accuracy in order to pass this test.


Nevertheless, the computer display has some notable drawbacks. Considering the high price of this product, you would expect a top-notch data display. Most people will be disappointed because of a shortage of data though. they will also not enjoy preset exercise programs with this bike. Aside from this, the display could be easier to read and a little larger.



What many people like about this piece of exercise equipment is that almost no maintenance is needed. In fact, it has been created to last for many, many years with almost no maintenance.


Still, you should keep this bike well maintained and clean in order to keep its pristine look. That’s because sweat can cause corrosion by reacting with the aluminum finish, which can havoc on your bike.



Mounting the flywheel, mainframe, drive belt, and other pieces is a fairly easy task. Of course, you are supposed to have basic knowledge and DIY skills. To install the entire bike, you will also need to go through the instruction manual. It contains a lot of clear diagrams illustrating assembly steps. Be sure to carefully follow all directions.


Yet, there’s one thing you should know before you begin to put together the machine. Once you start assembling it, you’ll figure out that you do not get enough essential tools. For example, you will have a tough time putting it together if you do not have your own torque wrench. There are around ten different tools needed. Unfortunately, many of them are not included. Those who don’t already have these tools will have to purchase them.


Here’s which tools you need to buy:


  • Drive extension bar set
  • Drive Crowfoot wrenches
  • Ball end hex wrenches
  • 3/8-Inch bicycle torque wrench


Make certain all the components are set out correctly. Once mounted properly, it’s going to ensure safe operation afterward. People with good mechanical skills can put the bike together in only 30 minutes. Yet, for most of you, the assembly process will take anywhere from 60 to 70 minutes.


Best Suited For

Whether you want to get in shape or lose weight, the Keiser M3 Plus will help you achieve your goal. You’ll certainly burn a significant amount of calories with this indoor cycling bike. Depending on stamina and dedication, it’s possible to burn about 1000 cal per day with the use of this awesome bike. That makes this exercise machine suitable for people interested in slimming down quickly in a natural manner.


Since there is a wide range of resistance levels, both professional cyclists and beginners can use this machine. Professionals will appreciate high-end features, especially revolutionary magnetic resistance. That enables them to get the most out of their workouts. Actually, the bike is best suited for commercial gyms to be subjected to heavy workouts on a regular basis. Thanks to the sturdy construction, it can withstand heavy use without a hitch.



  • Height: 45 inches
  • Width: 26 inches
  • Length: 49 inches
  • Weight: 85 pounds
  • Maximum weight capacity: 300 pounds
  • 24 Gears



  • Magnetic resistance system
  • Extreme quiet operation
  • Immersive 3D cycling experience
  • Adjustable handlebars
  • 4-way adjustable seat positioning
  • 24 geared resistance levels
  • Prime Shimano pedals
  • High-quality brushed aluminum finish
  • Sturdy construction – It’s built to last
  • Sleek look



  • Handlebar extension could be a problem for some people
  • LCD display is quite limited given the price
  • Some tools necessary for assembly are not included
  • It is pretty expensive

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Overall, the M3 Plus by Keiser is a first-class indoor exercise bike engineered with care and precision in mind. Incredible function and sleek design come together in a silent package which will get you building muscle and burning extra calories at the same time. Therefore, this high-performance great-looking bike is excellent for indoor workouts. With heavy-duty construction, non-slip pedals, 24 resistance levels, fully adjustable handlebars and seat, backlit computer display, it’s hard to go wrong with this piece of exercise equipment.


The biggest downside of this product is the handlebar extension. Also, the computer display could be better in terms of exercise data, especially when we take the price into consideration. Yes, this spinning bike is fairly expensive and therefore not affordable for most people. For that kind of cash, you get unparalleled reliability, exceptional quality, and quite a lot of features that make workouts more efficient.


But if you’re looking for a gym-standard machine and fall into the category of people who can afford to purchase top-of-the-line products, then do not hesitate. This exercise bicycle is definitely for you!



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