Having an Adrenal body type diet plan in place is a great way to make sure you’re getting the most out of your fitness strategy.

Android body type refers to a body type determined largely by the distribution of fat in the body and is the opposite of gynoid. These are affected by the hormone production in your body, most commonly related to the production of stress hormones.

Since some adrenal body types produce more cortisol, they are more likely to have troubles with weight loss, but there are options.

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The Theory of Body Type NutritionBody Plan Diet


The theory behind body type nutrition is the idea that depending on your body type you will process foods differently. Consequently, by tailoring our nutrition to suit our body type we can improve and maintain health better.

By better understanding our body types we can better shape the way we eat, exercise, and live. With a deeper understanding of how our body Works, we can target health goals more easily and accurately, like building muscle or losing weight.

The concept involves the notion that we have a different frame and build dependent on our body type, and that maintaining health is different depending on your body type. As defined by the body type system, an adrenal body is that which has a metabolic system contoured largely by the adrenal glands and hormones.

Eating appropriately according to the body type you have will help you control your body’s reaction to foods, monitor your weight, target specific areas of your body for exercise, increase your metabolism, and sustain a healthy lifestyle!

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Diet Plans for Adrenal Body Types


If you are on top of your diet plan and stick to it, you can maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle that suits your body type. This can also allow you lose weight more effectively.

You want to avoid starchy carbohydrates like potatoes, white rice or pasta, and junk foods high in sugar. A good balance would be 4 parts carbohydrates, 3 parts proteins, and 3 parts fat.

Proper Diet and Hormones

Adrenal body types love any foods that are fatty and salty. If you consume too much of these, your body’s hormone balance will be affected and you will gain weight. Therefore, having a proper diet for an adrenal body type will help you balance your weight and health.

Try eating foods low in fat and salt, like fruit, high fiber and whole grain carbohydrates, lean protein like fish and skinless poultry, low-fat dairy products, and healthier fats like olive oil or flaxseed.

Suggested Adrenal Body Meal Plan


In general, you should try to eat vegetables and fruits raw and try to eat rice, beans, cheese, almonds, and soups. Avoiding a lot of proteins and deep fried food is best for your adrenal body type. Stick to vegetables and fruits, and altogether more natural and healthy foods. This should help your digestion and overall health.

You should eat something light for breakfast, like fruit, a vegetable shake, or grains. Avoid eating a lot or larger proteins like ham, sausage, or bacon. You should try to have more proteins later in the day, for either lunch or dinner.

Still, try to eat more fish and poultry rather than red meats. Keep things light even when you have a heartier meal, and make sure you still add vegetables and dairy.

By following our Adrenal body type diet plan, you’re well on your way to a healthier life!

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