H1000 Touch Helix Lateral Trainer Review

Looking for a way to burn fat quicker than your traditional workout? The Helix lateral machine will be your answer! We’ve selected an awesome product for you to consider adding to your home to build into your exercise routine. You may be wondering why the machine is would be such a great investment, we’ve written this article to give you all the information you need to know before making your purchase.


The Product

The helix lateral machine works by moving side to side, this essentially means you’ll be using more muscles making your workout tougher. The side to side motion results in greater fat burn in the same amount of time you be with traditional excercise. Surely everyone wants better results in a shorter amount of time? This product tones your buttocks, core and your inner and outer thighs, this is much more than your standard exercises!

You’ll see amazing results if you keep up your workouts on the lateral machine, it’s not just your standard elliptical machine! It may take you a couple of practices to get your motion smooth, especially if you’ve been used to an elliptical machine, but once you’ve got it you’ll really feel the burn! It will leave you wondering why you haven’t purchased one sooner!


We feel the H1000 Touch Helix Lateral Trainer is a great choice and is available now on Amazon. If you’re a prime member you’ll be pleased to know that you’re eligible for free shipping for this item! The product has many exciting features to ensure you’re happy with your purchase, we have listed the features below so that you’re fully informed of what you’ll be in store for.

Back-lit 8.5″ LCD Display

This lateral trainer has a back-lit LCD display which is 8.5″. It benefits from a touch screen display, making it easy for you to make your selections on the screen. The display also has an adjustable console angle, this will all make your workout more comfortable when trying to use your display screen.


This product has 11 different exercise programs to choose from , giving you a great variety to your workout. These programs include ‘random’ with infinite variations along with 20 levels of electronically controlled resistance.


The Helix lateral trainer is designed to be very space efficient, it’s dimensions are 42″ wide x 36″ Long x 68.5″ Height. This makes it the perfect gym equipment to have in your home without taking up too much space.

Protection Plan

If you’d like to protect your investment, for an extra cost you can purchase a 3 or 4 year protection plan. This leaves you feeling confident that you’ll benefit from your lateral trainer long termly with no issues.

We’ve summarized the pros and cons of the helix lateral trainer to help your be clear on what you’ll be getting out of your purchase.


  • Space saving for home gyms
  • Burns more fat than traditional workout
  • Tones buttocks, core and inner/outer thighs
  • Alternates directions effortlessly
  • Available on Prime
  • Different models and prices available


  • Design may not be to everyone’s taste to have in their home

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What are the Negatives?

We honestly can’t think of many negatives for this machine. We can only suggest that it may not be to your taste to have out on display. However what gym equipment is produced by interior designers? This equipment will be able to be utilized perfectly in your home gym, garage or basement. It is designed well to save space, so if you’re happy with it being on display the lateral trainer will be sure to fit where you wish. Your friends may even want to try it out once they’ve seen your results!

Why Purchase the Helix Lateral Trainer?

If you feel you need hard evidence to prove this product is worth purchasing then go ahead and checkout the customer reviews. The H1000 model we’ve chosen to review has mainly a 5 star rating. The lowest star rating this product has is 3 stars, and this was due to the design of the product. The customer was not happy because they could not fit it through their door and had to disassemble the trainer to switch rooms. The rest of the reviews are extremely positive and cannot fault the results they’ve seen since purchasing the machine.

Helix state that ‘A scientific study found Helix outperformed a leading elliptical on 4 out of 5 muscle groups, with 50% more core activation, 50% more outer thigh activation and 39% more glute activation’. Helix also state that users achieve target heart rates faster and activate more muscles than the traditional cardio users. Is that enough hard evidence for you to take that step to achieving your workout goals? We guarantee you won’t look back after seeing the results you get from the helix lateral trainer.

The Bottom Line

Although we’ve chosen to review the H1000 Helix Lateral Trainer this is not the only model available. We felt this product is great value for the benefits you’ll get from it. We are so enthusiastic about the helix lateral trainer because it’s not your average workout, it works various muscles and sculpts ‘hard-to-tone’ areas. Helix is a ver reputable and well-know brand which gives you confidence in what you’re buying. You’ll be sure to have a product that is durable, ensuring you get your moneys worth!

Feeling motivated to get your muscles working and see great results? Want to burn more fat in the same workout time as any traditional workouts? Purchase this product today to workout in the comfort of your own home. Follow the link below to make your purchase today!


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