The latest office craze is active work. Thanks to standing desks and treadmill desks, you can stay active while you work. But there may be an even better alternative available, and it’s known as Cubii. As the first smart desk elliptical, Cubii could be the key to staying healthy while you work a desk job.

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Product Overview

Cubii is an under the desk elliptical trainer. It’s one of the latest fitness innovations that can make exercising at work a possibility.

While you work, getting in a workout is difficult. You probably can’t take the time to step away from your work and exercise. For that reason, office exercise equipment is a growing trend. Working out while you work can boost your creativity, improve your health, and make you more productive.

Cubii under the desk ellipticals can change the way you work. Although small ellipticals have been around for years, they haven’t taken off until recently. It wasn’t until people realized that you can use them at work that they became popular.

Cubii took advantage of the demand for office fitness equipment. By designing an under the desk elliptical, they made it possible for you to work and burn calories. As you press down on the pedals, you get some exercise.

Some similar products make working and exercising difficult. However, Cubii makes doing both actions at the same time an easy process. You can sit at your computer and easily pedal the elliptical.

There are three types of Cubii products available. Cubii Jr. is black and has some notes of aqua. Meanwhile, the Pro version comes in black or red. The Elite version has a wood finish.

Specifications and Features

There are several under the desk ellipticals available. But Cubii’s products really stand out. Specifically, Cubii Jr is worth considering. Here is a closer look at some of the product’s features:

  • Ability to record statistics like speed, distance, time, calories, and stride
  • Create and share goals with friends
  • Uses smart technology to link to your phone (iPhone or Android)
  • Integrates with FitBit and working on integration with other technology
  • Very quiet
  • Built-in handle for portability
  • Weighs 28 pounds
  • Measures 23″ x 17.5″ x 10”
  • Functionality


When it comes to functionality, this device scores major points. Most other under the desk ellipticals are simplistic. You need a cumbersome display screen to view your statistics. Additionally, you can’t integrate the product with other technology.

However, Cubii is different. The product allows you to link your elliptical with your phone. With Bluetooth technology, you can view your statistics on your smartphone. You can also send information to your friends. The technology turns exercising into a competition. For many individuals, this is the motivation they need to get moving.


If you’re using your elliptical in the office, you need it to be quiet. Fortunately, Cubii is almost silent. There’s no squeaking or loud noises. Although some Cubii reviews note a quiet white noise, the sound is unlikely to distract anyone in the workplace.


When it comes to exercising, comfort is key. Cubii keeps your comfort in mind. The machine fits easily under your desk. More importantly, it’s short enough to make working out from behind your desk chair comfortable. The office fitness tool has an ergonomic design.


When you get an under the desk elliptical, you expect it to last. Unfortunately, some ellipticals have poor construction. They don’t stand up to long-term use. On the other hand, Cubii endures. Most Cubii reviews note that the product is well-made.

Assembly and Portability

Because Cubii is so small, it requires little to no assembly. Moving it around is as simple as grabbing it by the handle. It’s one of the smaller under the desk ellipticals available and only weighs 28 pounds. When designers made Cubii, they made it with portability in mind. The weight of the machine is balanced.

This Product is Best For

If you’re looking for a workstation exercise tool, you should consider Cubii. Unlike many other options, Cubii is durable and functional. You can get in a workout without leaving your desk. Because it is so well-designed, you can comfortably pedal as you type away at your computer.

If you’re looking for an intense workout, Cubii can’t provide. However, there is no other piece of equipment that allows you to work while you burn high amounts of calories. Intense calorie burn is something that you need to do when you put your work aside.


High quality product that stands up to use
You can record and share your exercise statistics with friends and family, which provides motivation
Sleek design
Quiet and does not disrupt the workplace
No separate console necessary for tracking because it links to your phone
Handle makes it easy to move around
Fits well under a desk


At 28 pounds, it’s one of the heavier ellipticals
Higher price tag than some other options

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Final Thoughts

There are many reasons you should get behind the office fitness craze. In addition to improving your productivity, you can make your work day more enjoyable.

If you spend the money on a piece of workplace fitness equipment, you should make sure you’ll use it. This means finding a comfortable elliptical that motivates you to use it. Because Cubii connects to your phone and allows you to share statistics, it acts as your cheerleader. It provides you with the motivation you need to exercise.

The comfort of Cubii also makes it more likely that you will use it. Cubii reviews note that the product has a design which makes pedaling easy and comfortable. Instead of slouching in your chair, you can remain upright and pedal. You can continue on with your work while you get in a minor workout.

As far as comfort and usability goes, Cubii gets the job done. It also has a sleek look that makes it fit in well in the workplace. If you want an effective way to exercise at work, you should consider Cubii. You can view the product here.