You should have heard about a lot of workout equipment available in the buzzing marketplace but selecting the right one that suits your needs can be a tough task. If you are looking out to create a small gym at home, then purchasing a maxi climber is an ideal choice.


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You should have considered buying the more modern treadmill, stationary bike, weight building equipment, stair stepper and so on but without a Maxi Climber, your home gym can look incomplete. The portals of emphasize the importance of physical fitness through strict workout regime to enjoy sound health forever. Here’s how a maxi or a vertical climber can help you tone the muscles and burn calories.

An insight into maxi climbers

These vertical climbers are equipment that mimics the movement when you climb a wall or a rock. They help you sweat more by stretching your body completely. It offers a challenging full body workout. It has a highly compact design which allows the maxi climber to be easily placed in your home gym without consuming much space. Its ergonomic design adds to the advantages. It is thus an excellent option to buy because it allows you to work out more than a standard stair stepper. It works your muscles with the pull and push actions. It requires the arms to stretch more and thereby offers an intensive workout.

An array of unique features

The Maxi Climber is crafted in cold rolled steel to suit people with different body weights and build up. It offers an adjustable height for comfortable use. You can start working out in the right position by adjusting the height of the vertical climber as per your needs. It offers a non-stick grip on the handles which is isometric to enhance the safety while in use. The extra cushioning for the hands prevent slip and fall accidents.

The vertical maxi climber is designed to have short foot pedals to provide better grip to hold your shoes. It offers a perfect fit to your feet and thus supports an intense and safe workout. A maxi climber is a foldable unit. When you are not using, it can be made flat and stored in any corner. The vertical climber has a workout timer which helps monitor the body movements. It gives you an account of the intensity of physical activity performed. So, for all those fitness freaks out there, you can make a note of how much you have worked your body.

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More benefits coming your way

When you use a vertical climber, it works more muscle groups in your body. It keeps you fit and strong by offering an intense workout for the body. It develops the strength of the upper body by working on the core muscles and arms. You can also shed those extra calories and burn fat. The maxi climber is lightweight but has a strong build up. It is highly affordable when compared to any other gym equipment. They are delivered in the pre-assembled form, and it is ready to use immediately. Thus, without any doubt, you can buy a maxi climber to avail better health at a much lower cost.