Bruce Lee (martial artist) diet is among the best ways to get the perfect body shape that you’ve been craving for. It emphasizes well-balanced diets with nutrition and foods possessing all the essential nutrients needed by our bodies.

Talking about essential nutrients, the diet contains proteins, carbohydrates, a little portion of fats, and some fiber too. Surprisingly, Lee’s daily nutrition and vitamins originated from meals that had a greater share of proteins and small amounts of legumes, vegetables, grains and fruits.

He viewed carbohydrates and fats as being essential in yielding energy needed by his body for the day’s activities. Without these two, he’d have been mentally and physically deprived and unmotivated.

Let’s dive into a sample of Bruce Lee’s sample meal routine.

What Was Bruce Lee’s Diet Plan?


  • Two slices of grain toast smeared with one pat of butter
  • A cup of milk (Low-fat quantity)
  • Huge glass of drinking water
  • One banana
  • Two eggs
  • Supplement stack plus vitamin

Snack Time

  • A cup of blueberries
  • A cup of Greek yoghurt. Add two tablespoons of honey only


  • A cup of green tea or water
  • A mixture of kales or a bowl of garden salad
  • 6 ounces of stir-fried or baked chicken breast


  • Stir-fried vegetable mix. It Should have green peppers, green beans and tomatoes
  • 4 ounces of halibut
  • A cup of steamed broccoli
  • A cup of brown rice

Snack Again

  • Greek yoghurt. Alternate it with the protein shake
  • A cup of blueberries


Bruce Lee’s Favorite Meals


Bruce Lee was a big fan of Chinese and other Asian cuisines. His favorite dish was beef dipped in oyster sauce. He also had undying love for chicken or shrimps mixed with tofu and vegetables.

According to him, he preferred Chinese foods (comprising of rice, noodles and vegetables) to western ones due to their ability to yield high amounts of energy. Unlike the Chinese, the western foods favored more of proteins and fats in the human body.

That didn’t mean that he wasn’t a big fan of steak. In fact, he resorted to eating liver once per week and sometimes he’d also be seen entering McDonald’s to grab some steak.

Was Bruce a vegan?

Absolutely no! Bruce wasn’t one. According to his training book, he revealed that he devoured chicken, beef, shrimps and even livers.

His low body fat and waistline could have fooled you. He was a great fan of specific proteins, especially beef.  He consumed more of it in the form of protein supplements.

Although he loved meat that much, he prioritized Chinese dishes with heavy vegetable content. He passionately hated dairy and couldn’t figure out why western people loved cheese.

Lee added lots of vegetables in most of his protein drinks. The best part? He catered for vegans too. Bruce availed an endless list of non – meaty substitutes that they could devour to benefit from the program too. These included edamame, green peas, peanut butter and beans among others.


Lee’s Prime Diet plans


Instead of the normal three meals a day, Lee consumed close to four or even smaller five meals in a day. His diet did not advocate for eating more than five times a day since it resulted in the accumulation of pressure in the digestive system causing indigestion.

He highly valued fruits for boosting metabolism. To gain extra energy in between his meals, Linda Lee, his wife, would make congee through boiling rice to the point that it attained a soup-like consistency then she would proceed to mix it with popular organic meats like liver, heart, kidney and the brain.

Surprisingly enough, most bodybuilders today have adopted the same eating pattern to replenish their lost energy, repair and build more muscles through the nutrients supplied by the foods that they ingest every four hours(estimation).


The Kinds of Food Bruce Lee Left Out


Lee excluded unhealthy substances such as alcohol and cigarettes. He also did away with unhealthy foods containing high amounts of sugar and fats (he avoided empty calories). Dairy was among the food that he termed to be unhealthy.

Moreover, he despised baked goods and products that were made from refined flour like biscuits and cakes claiming that they didn’t provide enough calories needed by his body.


Alternatives for the forgone Food?


Bruce resorted to using non-instant powdered milk in his proteins and cereals as an alternative for dairy products that he disliked. Non-instant powdered milk had a greater advantage; it contained more calcium compared to the other milk forms.

Sarcastically, he chose to consume more of the dairy products to maximize its muscle building capacities despite the awful taste.


Bruce Protein Shake Smoothie


Lee used to drink up to two smoothies in a day but later decided to halt its intake in 1970 to major on developing more strength without ingesting bulk. He chose to consume peanut butter, eggs, bananas, wheat germ/ wheat germ oil, and Lethicin and Inositol supplements whenever he didn’t take the protein smoothies.

Bruce Lee advanced to making his juice concoctions from fruits and vegetables like carrots and apples. He blended all of them with carrots occupying the biggest proportion to neutralize the bitterness of the blended leafy vegetables and parsley.


Why Lee Settled for Juicing


He believed that juicing was more effective to allow his body to assimilate more nutrient easily and faster (vitamins and minerals). The enzymes contained in the blended vegetable acted as organic catalysts to speed up the rate of nutrients absorption and metabolism.

When cooked (especially through boiling), the enzymes in the vegetables were destroyed. To compensate for that, Lee consumed more of raw veggies.

Royal jelly and ginseng were also a crucial part of his diet since they contained vitamins (A, C, D and E), amino acids, acetylcholine, vitamin B5 and B6 and minerals too.

He chose ginseng, a native Chinese medicine, for its solid reputation in increasing blood supply, and also for its faster recovery property after intense physical workouts.




Apart from his impressive diet, Lee also did intense physical exercises to gain his well-built muscular body. His secret? He took his nutrition and fitness programs seriously and complemented it with his martial arts training to achieve his body with nearly zero body fat content.  

He recommended burning more calories than you always consume!

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