Bowflex is one of the most recognized names in the home gym industry. It all began in 1986 and more than 30 years later, the brand is still creating some of the most efficient, well-built machines available to a workout enthusiast.  Choosing a product labeled with the Bowflex name is a decision that will leave you satisfied and proud.

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People enjoyed a quality product that helped them stray away from the gym and Bowflex machines certainly had a lot to offer. The Bowflex machines have only gotten better with time and these days users can take their pick from numerous home gyms bearing the brand’s likeness. One of those machines is the Bowflex Revolution.

The Bowflex Revolution is a home gym that men and women alike use to get a full body workout. This durable machine won’t disappoint you during a workout, but instead leaves you pumped and feeling great. When using the Revolution machine, you get the workout that pushes you to the limits and helps you get the workout results that you desire.




  • Backed by the Bowflex Name
  • More than 90 exercises
  • Sturdy, durable design
  • Lightweight weight plates
  • Complete body workout
  • Includes workout DVD
  • Optional accessories sold separately
  • 10-year warranty




  • Cost is the biggest disadvantage of this machine. It is a splurge item at a cost of $2000+
  • Difficult/extensive assembly process may require expert assistance. The manual included is more than 100 pages lng.


What is the Bowflex Revolution?


Released in 2006, the Bowflex Revolution home gym is the perfect piece of workout equipment for anyone who wants to lose weight, tone their muscles, or otherwise feel their best and look great. The Revolution combines many of the features of the brands two most popular weight machines. It gives users more freedom to get a great workout without leaving their home.  Power Rod technology separates the Bowflex Revolution from other Bowflex machines. Incorporating SpiraFlex technology for enhanced resistance, the machine is the complete home workout machine for people that need a durable, affordably-priced, and well-respected home gym. SpiraFlex was designed for NASA astronauts in outer space, helping keep them in one spot without gravity. Now that the technology is available in a home gym, getting an exceptional, hassle-free workout is easier than ever before. Obviously this feature is only one of the many that cause such interest in this home gym.


The Revolution home gym is a powerful machine that replaces those bulky workout equipment and the need to visit the gym. It provides users a total body workout and has numerous exercise options so it is versatile enough be the only piece of equipment that you need. It is compact in size and stores easily inside of a closet once your workout  is complete. Although costlier than some of the other home gyms sold today, it is still relatively affordable and a great item for people who want the ultimate gym.


Exercise options include:

  • Bench Press
  • Freedom Arms
  • Preacher Curls
  • Leg Extension
  • Leg Press Station (with up to 600-lbs. Of resistance)


Key features of the Revolution include:

  • 5-position foot harness
  • Wider seating
  • Comfortable design
  • Includes a workout DVD


Bowflex Revolution users enjoy versatility and a plethora of features. The workout DVD is great for all users, but especially beneficial to newbies. Be sure to use it as a guide when you bring the Revolution home.


What is SpiraFlex Technology?


SpiraFlex technology  stores its resistance in lightweight plates that are designed in such a way that they offer more resistance than typical machines. Fit the machine with up to 2000 pounds of resistance out of the box or increase it by 5, 10, 20, or 40 pound increments up to 3000 pounds.


The weights do not move up and down so the user gets the full range of motion  with the same resistance at the end of the workout as at the beginning. It has never been easier to build the lean, mean, strong muscles that you want. There is no other gym on the market today that features the amazing SpiraFlex technology.


What Type of Exercises Can You Perform?


A great workout is one that works the entire body. When you own the Bowflex Revolution, you get a full body workout that pushes you to the next level. One of the greatest features of this machine is the versatility that it offers. With more than 90 different exercises available, you will always have your choice of workouts to satisfy your needs. Whether it is a light day or a day that you want to show the world what you are made of, the Bowflex Revolution helps you achieve great things.


Users can take their pick of numerous chest exercises, like the press and fly exercise. This exercise works the chest muscles and helps build upper body strength. Many leg exercises are available and upper back exercises like lat pulldowns make it easy to get your workout on the right way. This is only a small sampling of the many different exercises that you can perform when using the Revolution. If you want to workout, the Revolution gives you what you want.


Comfortable Workouts


Many of the home gyms are uncomfortable to use, either because the bars and handles are awkwardly placed or the bench and seat are uncomfortable. It isn’t easy to focus on your workout when your body you’re uncomfortable. Thanks to the awesome design of the Revolution, those worries are a thing of the past.


This machine has a great design that closes the gap between the legs (a common problem with other machines,) and offers more cushioned seating and back support.  There is a wide seat so you sit comfortably during the workout as well. And, since the weights sit on a sliding rail, it is easy to make adjustments to your workout in seconds.


Compact Design


Space is oftentimes a concern for people who want a home gym. It isn’t always easy to find space for various pieces of equipment, especially for people living in smaller homes or apartments. The Bowflex Revolution alleviates space concerns. It features a compact design that easily fits inside your allocated space with room left over.


And, since it provides a total body workout, it is the only piece of equipment that you’ll need, further eliminating the worry of space. Don’t let compact design confuse you, however. In no way is this machine lightweight at over 330 pounds. There are options to move the equipment, but avoid the hassle and assemble the unit in the space you plan to keep the machine.


Upgrade Your Bowflex


So many of the home gyms out there are sold as-is without the option to add accessories or upgrades.  That is another area that this machine is different. The option to upgrade your Bowflex Revolution is simple thanks to the variety of available accessories. Cost of the accessories vary, though many users find they enhance their home gym incredibly, making the purchase well-worth the expenditure. Accessory choices include:


  • Lat Tower
  • Weight Store
  • Ab Back Pad
  • Resistance Weights


What are Customers Saying?


As you’d imagine, many reviews are out there written about the Revolution by customers with firsthand experience using the home gym.  These reviews are scattered about various online sources, easily accessible at no cost. Read some of the reviews about the Bowflex Revolution to gain valuable insight that isn’t found anywhere else. Learning what experienced users think about the machine can make a difference in your overall thoughts about the gym. It is also beneficial to ask friends and fellow workout enthusiasts to share their thoughts about the product. Word-of-mouth is always insightful!


Should You Buy the Bowflex Revolution?


Although more expensive than some of the other home gyms, you get the assurance of the Bowflex name and a durable, versatile product that allows you to get a complete workout whenever you’d like. It’s much cheaper than paying a gym membership and certainly far more discreet. There are tons of exercises, it is easy-to-use, and offers lots of add-ons and extras so that you can get more from you machine and workout. It isn’t the right machine for everyone, but it is right for most people. If you don’t mind spending the money, it could be the right home gym for your needs.




The Bowflex Revolution is a home gym that has helped thousands of people get the best workout of their life, all from the comfort of their home. They enjoy its sleek style, smaller size, and versatility more than the other features, though it doesn’t lack in qualities. Although costlier than some of the other products, it is well-worth the splurge since it offers such a plethora of exercises and options. The home gym is compact in size and is easy to add to any apartment or house. And,  both newbies and experienced builders can use and appreciate the machine. Give the Bowflex Revolution a look over. You might like what you see.

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