Bowflex is known for launching excellent fitness equipments which are designed to give you better results. The Max Trainer 3 from Bowflex is its entry-level model. It is priced below $1000 which is quite affordable and includes many attractive features and functionalities which will make you burn more calories in lesser time.

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Compared to other fitness machines at the gym, this trainer will allow you to experience comprehensive upper body workouts. The Max Trainer 3 has received high buyer ratings because it challenges the users. As per the max trainer reviews, it offers zero-impact workouts which will ensure that users do not get injured while using it.

Reasons to buy the Bowflex Max Trainer 3:

Safe Workouts: The Bowflex Max Trainer 3 can be a good investment for people who want to burn more amounts of calories in less time. While it offers high-intensity workouts, it will not injure your arms or legs in the process. The workouts have zero impact on your joints, making it safe for all. Incidentally, when you use the Max Trainer 3, your joints are likely to experience 200% lesser impact than if you were to run.

Adjustable Resistance Levels: The Bowflex Max Trainer 3 model is not your regular treadmill or stair-stepper. There may be certain similarities, like the feature to change the resistance levels as in an elliptical trainer. There are as many as 8 resistance levels to choose from and when you start out, it is best to stick to the more basic workout levels. It is sturdy and robust and can hold up to 300 pounds comfortably.

Full Body Workouts: What is really interesting in this fitness machine is that it gives you total body workouts through single equipment. It ensures that you can actually work out each muscle in the body at the same time. So, every time you exercise on the Max Trainer, you get to enjoy the feel and benefits of whole body workouts.

Time Saving: Since the machine lets you enjoy total body workouts you know that all your muscles are worked out at the same time. So, you get to save a lot of time in the process rather than walking for hours on the treadmill in the gym and following it up with other machine workouts to strengthen your arms, chest, back etc. Only a 15-minute workout can guarantee a loss of almost 280 calories.

Ergonomic Designs: The Bowflex Max Trainer 3 has been designed in such a manner that users find it comfortable to work with it. They will not be prone to injuries when using this equipment. For instance, the machine is fitted with extra large foot pads for greater stability and comfort. There are specific holders for iPads and bottles, smartphones and tablets that you may be using while exercising. In spite of these accessories, the machine is super light in weight and looks aesthetic. It can be moved easily around the house and will not make a lot of noise when you work out on it.

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Workout Programs: You can get two preset programs when you buy the Bowflex Max Trainer 3. One of these is Manual where you decide how to exercise while the other is Max Interval which guarantees 280 calorie loss within 15 minutes.
This is a great machine to start off with when you want multiple workout experiences through single equipment. Calorie burning rate is enhanced and each body muscle gets a good workout.

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