Bodyblade Classic Kit Review

Bodyblade Classic Kit Review

There are plenty of choices when it comes to workout equipment available on the internet, but few are as useful as the Bodyblade Classic Kit. This exclusive set was created by physical therapist Bruce Hymanson, who has been in physical training for more than 20 years.

The kit uses a unique approach, known as Rapid Contraction Technology, to contract the muscle up to 270 times in just one minute. Using this product will help you work the right muscles at the right time, transform your workout time, and help you to obtain a strong, reactive, and stable body.

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How Does The Bodyblade Classic Kit Work?


Simple and effective workouts

The Bodyblade is very easy to use. The main secret behind the quality and value of the product lies in the Rapid Contraction Vibration technology, as well as the Power of Inertia. The human body has around 600 muscles to help us move from one point to another and keep our body posture in check. However, many of these muscles never get any regular use, as exercises to utilise and strengthen them are not done. In fact, many of us do not even know that these muscles require specific conditioning!


More effort; better results!

For a fast and effective workout, the Bodyblade automatically contracts the correct muscles. The harder you drive the Bodyblade during your exercise sessions, the more the intensity and resistance generated, thereby helping you to build a strong and stable body.


Your muscles and the Bodyblade in perfect sync

Using the Bodyblade regularly will to help synergize your body and the tool together, so that they work in tandem to give you amazing results. During a workout, your body becomes the machine, whilst the bodyblade acts as a tool to help drive your body to the perfect shape. An excellent feature of the Bodyblade is that it adjusts to individual size, strength, and body mass. This means that anyone can use it without having to worry about individual strengths and weakness; the Bodyblade is the perfect tool for all!


A total body workout with just one tool

The Bodyblade helps to train your muscle groups to move in a particular rhythm and pattern. This is a huge advantage over other types of workout tool that isolate just one muscle at a time. Through varying positions, the Bodyblade strengthens muscle groups based on the way you change your body or position whilst driving the blade.

Working on the principles of great flex resulting in greater resistance, the harder you push the blade, the greater the arc of flex, which requires a greater force of output to help neutralize the speed. In short; the more effort you put in, the more impressive your results!


Benefits Of Using The Bodyblade Classic Kit

Thanks to its creative design and innovative approach to workout results, the Bodyblade has a number of key advantage over other home exercise tools:


Suitable for everyone

No matter who you are, the Bodyblade Classic Kit is right for you. The product is suitable for everyone, from rehabilitation patients to world-class athletes. The ease of use and the speed at which you can gain results makes it an attractive prospect for all.


Low-impact training

Unlike many other gym tools, this product doesn’t cause any excessive impact on your body. Low-impact activities are particularly useful for people who suffer from short-term restrictions to their movement, such as recovery from an injury, or long term conditions, such as arthritis. The Bodyblade is a fun and accessible way to exercise without fear of an accident.


Increases Your Strength

Ever used a gym equipment and wondered if you’re actually gaining anything? We’ve all been there. The Bodyblade Classic Kit is different, in that it is designed to help increase your strength, stimulate your body, and trigger you muscle systems to become balanced and coordinated. With regular use, you will notice a substantial increase in strength.


Automatic Adjustment

There are no worries about how your body is going to respond to the equipment. Once you start using it, the Bodyblade automatically adjusts to the force of your movement. Your body becomes the machine and the Bodyblade helps you to reach your fitness potential.


Who is the Bodyblade suited to?

The Bodyblade is so versatile that it’s suitable for just about anyone! That said, some groups in particular will achieve amazing results by adding the Bodyblade into their routine:


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People who run regularly will know that strength and conditioning are important aspects of their training routine. Whilst many runners will go to the gym to utilise a range of different machines, the Bodyblade allows any runner to strengthen their core from the convenience of home. The Bodyblade works the entirety of the core, helping you to get ready for racing.


People who work on their feet

A strong core is essential if you’re on your feet regularly. It helps to prevent back, hip, and shoulder pain that can be endemic in this population. Spend some time every day using the Bodyblade to strengthen your core and protect against injury whilst you work.


Lifting specialists

If you’re interested in weightlifting, you will need to have a strong core to make significant progress. The Bodyblade not only helps to work your arm muscles, but strengthen your shoulders, back, and torso. This will allow you to get the most out of your time at the gym.


People recovering from injury

Low-impact training is often a key aspect of recovery from injury. The Bodyblade helps you to achieve controlled training within the comfort and convenience of your own home.


Older fitness enthusiasts

Age need not prohibit activity! In fact, studies have shown that an active lifestyle in older age helps to prevent common diseases. The Bodyblade is an accessible and useful exercise tool at every age!


Exercise Routine Tips For Bodyblade Classic Kit

The Bodyblade Classic Kit provides you with limitless opportunities to transform your body, using the best movements and exercise routines. Here are some of the options you can start with right now.


The Chest Press

The chest press helps to build the muscles of your arms and chest, so you can have a perfectly toned body. To do this exercise, hold the bodyblade with both hands in front of you and start working it. You can start with slow movement first then gradually increase the speed.

You may take the Bodyblade above your head or down below without bending since you are in a standing position. You can go right or go left; it’s your decision. Just make sure your feet are firmly on the ground, and only your body is moving.


The Back And Shoulder Reach

For this exercise, you start by placing the Bodyblade Classic Kit above your head and shaking it. This will help to strengthen the core muscles of your shoulders and back, as well as your wrists and hands. While you exercise, you can go to the right side and then to the left, to work your intercostal muscles. When doing this make sure you stand tall, flatten your tummy, stand in a neutral stance.


Ab Crunch

The ab crunch is one of the best ways to get working on the Bodyblade. What it does is throw you slightly out of balance, forcing you to crunch while you’re standing. To do this just hold the tool with only your thumb under and start working it. You can take it up above your head, or hold it at abdomen level. It helps to strengthen your back and shoulders as you move from one direction to the other.


The Triceps

To do the triceps exercise, place the object behind you, just below your butt, and start working it. You can make simple movements like taking it to only your right hand and your left hand, as quickly as you can. This allows you to hone in on your coordination and find different ways to develop and strengthen your triceps.


Tips for getting the most out of your Bodyblade Classic Kit

  • Keep a light grip while working out and avoid bending your wrist.
  • Hold the Bodyblade in a wide side position. You don’t want it to get to close to you since it vibrates constantly while in use.
  • When working out, try to change position gently. It will help improve the effect as you try to locate all those muscle parts that need to be worked.
  • Try to make sure that each exercise lasts for at least 30 to 60 seconds.


The Bodyblade Classic Kit is an incredible product to help you build your core muscles. It has been developed by an expert trainer and uses innovative technology to find even the smallest muscles in your body. The product is available at a very affordable price.


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