Get Rid Of The Acne Scars Using Laser Scar Removal Treatment

Developing acne is one of the most predominant problems which all of us face once in a lifetime. It is caused because of excess secretion of oil called as serum from oil glands of the skin causing pimple when the oil ducts are blocked. Usually, because of the damage made to the pilosebaceous unit in the skin, these pimple leaves back scars. These scars have a profound impact on the psychology. Thankfully with the new age laser scar removal technique, now you can get over with trauma. Acne Scar Removal Singapore is one of the most renowned treatment destination. Before going in for laser treatment, you can also explore home remedies to lighten up the scars. To know more about these techniques do visit

Let us now review different types of laser treatments:
Frazel or non-ablative laser treatment: This process involves heating up the columns of the skin tissues to enhance the production of collagen protein to revive the natural skin texture.
Carbon dioxide laser: By emitting high energy laser, the scars get evaporated layer by layer. The results can be seen within 10 days.
Fractional laser treatment: Here only specific portions of skin are treated. Therefore, there is faster recovery and lesser chances of any side effect caused.
Pixel laser use pin sized points, providing accurate penetration of laser rays in the focus portion of the skin only.
Other treatments used are excision, subcision, chemical peeling, dermabrasion etc.

Certain point to keep in mind while going in for laser treatment are:
You should consult only certified dermatologist. Various unregistered skin clinics have come up over the time. Therefore authenticity of such clinics should be checked before visiting them for your treatment.
Correct setting of laser wavelength should be done, to avoid any damage and disfiguring of facial structure.
The dermatologist should clearly discuss with you the line of treatment, type of laser procedure to be used, the cost and side effects which may be caused.
Certain precautions should be taken post the treatment, like avoiding sunlight and exposure to ultraviolet rays. Therefore, one should apply sunscreen regularly to avoid any future complication.
Certain pros and cons of laser acne removal treatment:
The procedure is painless and very quick
Quick results: you can see the improvement within 2-3 weeks in case of mild acne scars. For advanced stages, up to six weeks of time is required to recover.
Helps in removing and destroying of acne-causing bacteria. Therefore chances of developing acne again are reduced.
Acne inflammation is reduced.
Affects the natural skin cells: powerful high-intensity laser rays destroy the skin cells and affect the deepest layer of skin. As a result, the skin becomes sensitive over the time.
Reduces hydration in the skin: The laser causes excessive dryness of the skin and develops the resistant in the skin against moisturizing lotions, gels and creams.

Looking beautiful is everyone’s wish, so why wait, utilize what technology has provided us by the latest inventions in the glamour world and get back your youthful look.

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